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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bye shoes

sorry shoes, you had to go.
it was pouring, i was wet, and so were you.
it was an unceremonious farewell. i didn't say the right words. but i guess you're free to go now.
my colleague said that they probably are happy, having been stepped on for close to thirteen years now? i've lost count.
so lead a happy life, in rainbow-shoe-land. i will always remember you. you see, i've even framed you in memory. you had a tiny hole on the side, or else i think i might have heated you up and tried to resuscitate you. but i think enough is enough. it is time to let go. bye shoes. i love you, too.

footnote:  i actually went to the trash bin later, picked up the plastic bag where they lie, and said bye, take care.
i don't think anyone at the complex saw me talking to them shoes..